Wednesday, February 11, 2009

On a Lighter Note...

Good Afternoon, Morning and Night

I hope your have your hyperventilation-bags at the ready…

We are grateful for your patience and even more so for your impatience. As you know we have been busy seducing our new record label, the classy and top of the class 4AD and are now ready to shower you with album news.

Camera Obscura’s new album will be called My Maudlin Career and will be released on April 20th in places which aren’t the USA and April 21st in places which are. Not long eh? I suggest you draw up some sort of chart and tick of the days and maybe rating your excitement out of ten or trying to find a new word to express it everyday. This is what I will be doing for sure.

The album will be preceded by the single French Navy at the beginning of April and you can hear the title track on myspace RIGHT NOW but you can also purchase it from itunes or get given it as a present when you register at We’re super generous and don’t you forget it. (This is the track I got to play Abba’s piano on, swede-pop/piano-trivia/pointless information fans.)

To celebrate the release we will be doing some special live shows. The deal is; you all come from miles, counties, countries and continents around to fill the shows and let us know that everything is going to be alright. And we will play songs for you and try to scrub up nice.
23 April - Shepherd's Bush Empire, ....London.....
Tickets on sale 10th Feb 9am -

26 April - Barrowlands Ballroom, Glasgow. Tickets on sale
12th Feb 9am - 08444 999 990 /

I'd also like to annouce that due to family commitments (including being a proud dad) Nigel will no
longer be a full time member of Camera Obscura. But watch out for him
popping up at live appearances from time to time.

So much love

Carey and the band....


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